Bye Bye Birdie

Season: 2010 Main Stage Season

Author: Michael Stewart, Charles Strouse, Lee Adams

Director: Elinor Hasty

Genre: Musical Comedy

Location: Colleen O. Williams Theater


"Bye Bye Birdie" takes place in 1958 and is a satire centered around an Elvis Presley type rock and roll superstar named Conrad Birdie. Conrad has been drafted into the army so his agent, Albert Peterson, and Albert's secretary, Rosie Alvarez, plan a huge farewell performance for Birdie on the Ed Sullivan show. The end of the show is to be a kiss bestowed on a lucky girl from Birdie's fan club. The excitement begins as Birdie arrives in the town of Sweet Apple, Ohio, to meet the girl and her family. The entire town gets involved as events happen to make the plan come undone.

The original production of "Bye Bye Birdie" played for 607 performances on Broadway starting in April of 1960. It was also made into a movie in 1963 by MGM with Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh, Paul Lynde, and Ann-Margaret starring in the show. The television version was made in 1995 and starred Jason Alexander, Vanessa Williams, George Wendt, Chynna Phillips, and Tyne Daly.

Show Dates

  • August 6, 2010 7:30 pm
  • August 7, 2010 7:30 pm
  • August 8, 2010 3:00 PM
  • August 13, 2010 7:30 pm
  • August 14, 2010 7:30 pm
  • August 15, 2010 3:00 pm

Audition Dates

  • May 24, 2010 7:00 pm
  • May 25, 2010 7:00 pm


Community Service Recipient

Piedmont Regional Library

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