Lee Sugarman


This is Lee's 5th play in 5 years at WBCT.  He was Dub in Dearly Beloved in 2013, Grover and Purvis in Red Velvet Cake War in 2012, Dr Withers in Terror by Gaslight in 2011 and Porter in Hallelujah Girls in 2010.  "This play will be the most special to me.  It's the first time on the WBCT stage I get to act with my son Zander.  I'm sure I can learn a few pointers from him.  It's also a blessing to be here since being diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug 2013. I am grateful to God for helping me through chemo and the next few weeks of radiation treatments.  I dedicate this performance to God and to my most lovely and encouraging wife Stacy."