Virginia Grace Pierce-Kelly


Virginia began her acting career at the age of 8 when her 4th grade teacher asked her to participate in a Thanksgiving Day play. She was bitten by the acting "bug" and started acting when cast as an extra (Indian) in the play. In middle school she was cast as a mock Pastor for a school play. After graduation from high school, her first play with Community Theatre was as an extra and sound effects coordinator in "Our Town" with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. Her film debut was in 20th Century Fox's "Drumline" as an extra, and her first speaking part was as a supporting actress (Janice) in the WBCT production of "M*A*S*H". Virginia is active in global and local ministries with Butterfly Journey Ministries and publishes a monthly Christian newsletter, "Days of Noah". As a writer, she is self-publishing her first book, "Color of the Wind", due out in winter 2009. She writes and produces a weekly Bible teaching radio program called "Doers of the Word" on WGTJ Glory 1330 AM for the Northeast Georgia area and a weekly Bible fellowship and study titled by the same name.


  • Lt. Janice Fury in M*A*S*H 2008