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2021 WBCT Plans

Published on: February 2, 2021

Dear WBCT Patrons,

The WBCT Board of Directors met last night to try to plan for 2021. As you know, we had hoped to have a full season of shows this year for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen. We decided to move all of our shows into 2022 for now, and you will still have a full season of shows to look forward to next year. The City of Winder has not reopened the theater building and doesn’t plan to do that until the state allows larger in-person events to happen.

IF by some miracle things get much better this fall after the vaccine shots are given, we hope to premier Leslie Kimbell’s sequel to “Four Old Broads”. She has written the third play in the series, and we hope to do it either this coming fall (if possible) or in 2022. As you know, her shows are hysterically funny so you can look forward to lots of laughs when that show is performed. If we are able to do the fall show this year, we also hope to do a Christmas show. Of course, all of this is tentative until we see how the Covid virus behaves in the next months.

We really appreciate your patience with all of the cancellations and changes during this pandemic. What a changed world we have now!

Have a wonderful year, and we really hope to see you this fall. Keep your fingers crossed and stay safe.

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